Control Your Content

Never send your pictures or videos to someone to post and control. You always want control of your pictures and videos, so when and if you decide you want them deleted you can do so. Hot Military Girls gives you the ability to post and share profile albums with whomever you decide, if you only want to share your uploaded content with certain friends, then you can do that.

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Our goal is to make it so our brothers and isters in arms have a safe, secure place to manage their sexy pictures and videos and make them available to ONLY who they want, NOT to the entire world like on facebook and tumblr pages, where when you decide you want it taken down, the admins of those pages suddenly stop responding to your emails.

CONTROL your content girls, ONLY post and share where you know you can control it, and that place, and only place is – None of our pasts are embeddable, none are even viewable by the general public, so feel safe in knowing that we are protecting you, your content and your future. We hope you go now and start your collections and your albums totally free at