Girls That Love Marines

Girls That Love Marines

Girls That Love MarinesThe girls that love Marines are made from a different mold. Their dedicated, patient and understanding. These girls that love Marines are usually very attractive and easy to be around. Not sure why the girls that love Marines are different but they are. We’re looking for girls that love Marines to interview. We’d like to do a story about some of you, to better understand how you roll!

We’d like to invite you to contact us with answers to the following questions, along with some pictures or videos to add into the article.

  1. How many Marines have you dated?
  2. What specifically do you love most about your Marine?
  3. Is being with a Marine require specific traits for a successful relationship?
  4. Are Marines better in bed then others?
  5. How did you meet your Marine?
  6. Are you married to a Marine?
  7. How do spend your time when your Marine is away from home?
  8. Your most used way to communicate with your Marine when their away?
  9. How important is sex in your relationship?
  10. Do you have friendships with other girls that love Marines?

For us to consider you for an article please copy and paste these questions along with your answers and at least 5 pictures to (Nude or Non Nude welcome)

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